Pivka, Slovenia, August 2021; Presenting the world of large carnivores with the latest technology

In the middle of the summer an interactive presentation of the life of large carnivores was opened in Pivka. Locals have always shared their living space with them and this is a way of presenting the world of large carnivores. With the latest technology and the excellent implementation of professional content, visitors can learn about the biology and ecology of the large carnivores of the Dinaric Karst area and the basic characteristics of the bear, lynx and wolf. The interpretation is based particularly on modern technologies, which allow visitors to explore the content independently. The Dina Large Carnivores Centre was created within the framework of the Carnivora Dinarica project.

The exhibition encourages the experience with the help of the latest in-depth technologies, including virtual and extended reality at 10 different multimedia spots. Virtual reality equipment, such as VR goggles, makes it easier for the visitor to better understand the world of large carnivores.

“Zverbook” is a modern way of presenting to visitors how bears, lynxes and wolves communicate with each other. In a cave, a kind of cinema, characteristics of large carnivores and their habitat are shown, as well as the problems they can cause to humans. Through virtual reality, which visitors experience with VR glasses, they can determine, for example, whether the bear’s sense of smell is better or poorer than that of a lynx. There is also a quiz and a search for animal tracks in a magical forest.

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Reference: Dina Large Carnivores Centre

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