Višnja Gora, Slovenia

The House of the Carniolan Bee in Višnja Gora is an instructive labyrinth and a unique adventure exhibition with virtual heroes, where visitors get to know the bee world through multimedia content and real glass hives inhabited by live Carniolan bees. Members of the famous beekeeping family Rothschütz from Višnja Gora introduce themselves to you with the help of modern audio-visual technologies. Listen to Filip on Meadow, explore the miraculous world of bees and Emil’s entrepreneurial ventures in the laboratory, or discover the beneficial effects of honey in the Kitchen together with Antonija.

In the House of the Carniolan Bee, visitors can stay overnight sleeping in a hive. They can get acquainted with the history of Slovenian beekeeping, using interactive tools and technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and the transfer of knowledge, etc. which will affect not only the visualization of the historical element but also the increase of digital competencies of users, also through educational programs and workshops.

Photo: Janez Brdič – Brdo