Pivka, Slovenia

Learning about large carnivores with the latest technology

An extremely interesting and picturesque interactive layout is on display at Krpanov dom in Pivka. At the Dina Large Carnivores Centre, visitors can enter their world. Knowledge of large carnivores is presented in the most modern way. Interactive content with modern technology in a simple and understandable language allows visitors to independently explore the content and test their knowledge. The exhibition encourages the experience through the latest in-depth technologies, including virtual and augmented reality at 10 different multimedia points.

People in the Pivka region, as well as in the entire territory of the northern Dinarides, have always shared their habitat with large carnivores. As the population increases, encounters are becoming more frequent. These animals often stimulate fear, respect and create interest. Large carnivores play an important role in balancing processes in nature, so the Carnivora Dinarica project was launched to preserve them.

With its content, Dina gives the visitor an insight into the mysterious world of the bear, wolf and lynx.

It brings their communication more understandable with the notes on Zverbook. The visitor is invited to select between topics in the cave, to test their knowledge in a special quiz, to look for traces of a wolf, a lynx and a bear with a tablet in their hands, and to find out what a bear can “read” on a – some kind of a – bulletin board – the trunk of a tree that bears rub against.