Intelli.RCC is a modular robotic camera control system that can be configured and customized to client needs.

System components:

– RCCpanel, multifunction control panel
– RCCclient, addon/redundant PC /software solution
– RCCserver, system server with database management, access and rights control, system watching with base logging and web remote server
– RCCacc dedicated system adapters/converters (TCP/IP <->RS232,485 etc, Ethernet controlled Power switches)
– RCCdcm, device control modules


Main system features

– Automatic delivery of information to the destinations (microphones information, router statuses, power statuses, working modes) by server.
– Common RCC format. Different type of same functionality devices are supported within same system, regarding to their capabilities.
– Easy handling. System prepares all necessary data. They are confirmed by an operator.
– Preventing the ‘On-air’ camera rotation, by microphone call. It could be moved only manually by operator.
– Automatic main router switching by RCC studio when selecting a certain room. Possibility of manual switching by router panel (all statuses are visible within system) or from RCC server web interface.
– Enable to operate any room from any RCC.
– System LOG file for back traceability.
– Database backup management.
– SQL database technology.
– Windows operating system.