Solutions that we have presented to the market so far allow for various simulations of 3 and 6 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) movement.

We enabled various simulations of movement from parachute flying, balloon travel, train rides through the underworld, elevator falls, submarine travel, earthquake experience and other adventures.

Parachute flight simulator offers a genuine sense of flying. The user is seated in a real parachute seat, hanging in the air. They move in all directions and have a 360-degree view of the surrounding area with the help of virtual reality glasses.

The balloon travel simulator is installed in a stratospheric balloon model. Together with virtual reality glasses, it creates an unforgettable virtual experience. After an exciting take-off, it takes the user on a trip high above the clouds. The virtual experience is additionally enriched by lifting and tilting the movable floor in the balloon, creating a perfect experience.

There is room for 6 people in the balloon, all seated on a circular bench around the circumference of the circular installation.

The train travel simulator with 3D glasses and a 3D animated film creattes an adrenaline-fueled journey from the centre of the Earth back to its surface. The dynamic hydraulic platform has 24 chairs with built-in mechanics, including a hydraulic power generator and control for movement simulation (movement and rotation) in all three axes.


Motion simulators have been installed in various locations, such as Vulkanija, Expano and the Planica Nordic Centre and Museum.